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There are 83 objects for which Edited_by contains → marianne
13.10.10 Kinsey; Teifi; Marianne
13.10.12 Vanessa; Kinsey; Teifi; Marianne
13.10.13 Jessica; Alexandra; Teifi; Marianne
13.10.16 Teifi; Marianne; Jasmin Payne; Jayne
13.10.17 Jessica; Alexandra; Teifi; Marianne
13.10.18 Jessica; Teifi; Marianne; Jasmin Payne; Jayne
13.10.19 Jessica; Alexandra; Nichola; Laura; Marianne
13.10.20 Jessica; Kinsey; Teifi; Marianne; Marianne
13.10.21 Jessica; Alexandra; Nichola; Laura; Marianne; Jayne
13.10.22 Marianne; Marianne; Jasmin Payne; Jayne
13.10.25 Jessica; Kinsey; Teifi; Marianne
13.10.26 Jessica; Alexandra; Nichola; Laura; Teifi; Marianne; Jasmin Payne; Jayne
13.10.27 Vanessa; Alexandra; Kinsey; Teifi; Marianne; Marianne; Joana Varela
13.10.7 Victoria Webb; Kinsey; Teifi; Marianne; Marianne
13.10.9 Marianne; Marianne
14.9.1 Leigh; Teifi; Marianne
14.9.2 Alexandra; Kinsey; Teifi; Marianne
14.9.3 Jessica; Marianne; Jayne
14.9.4 Jessica; Liz; Marianne; Jasmin Payne
14.9.6 Vanessa; Alexandra; Teifi; Marianne; Jasmin Payne;Jayne
2004.10.1 Kinsey; Marianne; Marianne: Amy
47.12.15 Marianne
47.2.15 Jessica; Teifi; Marianne; Jayne
47.2.17 Vanessa; Kinsey; Marianne
47.2.19 Vanessa; Marianne; Amy; Marianne; Joana Varela
47.2.22 Jessica; Teifi; Marianne
47.2.23 Teifi; Marianne
47.2.24 Jessica; Kisney; Teifi; Marianne
48.12.13 Jessica; Alexandra; Teifi; Marianne
58.2.5 Victoria Webb; Alexandra; Laura; Kinsey; Teifi; Marianne; Marianne
58.2.6 Jessica; ALexandra; Kinsey; Teifi; Marianne
78.12.1 Alexandra; Marianne
78.12.11 Alexandra; Marianne; Marianne; Joana Varela
78.12.12 Faye Cheesman; Alexandra; Marianne; Marianne
78.12.13 Alexandra; Marianne; Marianne; Joana Varela
78.12.14 Alexandra; Marianne; Marianne; Jasmin Payne
78.12.15 Alexandra; Marianne; Marianne
78.12.16 Faye Cheesman; Alexandra; Marianne; Marianne
78.12.17 Faye Cheesman; Alexandra; Marianne; Marianne
78.12.18 Alex; Alexandra; Kinsey; Marianne; Marianne
78.12.19 Alexandra; Marianne; Marianne
78.12.2 Alexandra; Niki; Marianne
78.12.20 Alexandra; Marianne; Joana Varela; Jayne
78.12.21 Alexandra; Marianne; Marianne
78.12.22 Lorraine; Sarah; Alexandra; Marianne; Marianne
78.12.3 Lorraine; Sarah; Alexandra; Kinsey; Marianne; Marianne
78.12.4 Alexandra; Marianne; Marianne
78.12.5 Alexandra; Marianne; Marianne
78.12.6 Lorraine; Sarah; Alexandra; Kinsey; Marianne; Marianne
78.12.7 Alexandra; Marianne; Marianne
78.12.8 Alexandra; Marianne; Marianne
79.1.7 Lorraine Cork; Alexandra; Kinsey; Marianne; Marianne; Joana Varela
81.9.1 Amy; Kinsey; Teifi; Marianne
E.62.56 Alexandra; Kinsey; Marianne; Marianne
REDMG:1951.1715 Denise; Amy; Marianne
REDMG:1951.1716 Denise; Amy; Marianne
REDMG:1951.1717 Denise; Amy; Marianne
REDMG:1951.1718 Denise; Amy; Marianne
REDMG:1958.13.1 Marianne
REDMG:1958.16.1 Marianne; Joana Varela
REDMG:1958.19.1 Marianne
REDMG:1958.23.1 Marianne
REDMG:1958.33.1 Marianne
REDMG:1958.37.1 Marianne
REDMG:1958.52.1 Marianne
REDMG:1961.150.2 Marianne
REDMG:1961.150.3 Amy; Marianne
REDMG:1961.199.3 Amy; Marianne; Joana Varela
REDMG:1964.1621 Amy; Marianne; Marianne; Marianne; Joana Varela
REDMG:1964.1666.1 Denise; Marianne; Marianne; Joana Varela
REDMG:1964.1668.1 Marianne; Marianne; Joana Varela; Jayne
REDMG:1964.1697.1 Denise; Marianne; Marianne; Joana Varela
REDMG:1964.1700.1 Marianne
REDMG:1964.1703.1 Denise; Marianne; Joana Varela
REDMG:1964.1704.1 Marianne; Joana Varela
REDMG:1964.1705.1 Marianne
REDMG:1964.1710.1 Denise; Marianne; Marianne; Jayne
REDMG:1964.1715 Denise; Amy; Marianne; Jayne
REDMG:1964.1717 Denise; Amy; Marianne; Jayne
REDMG:1964.1718 Denise; Amy; Marianne; Jayne
REDMG:2003.84.1 Marianne
REDMG:2003.92.1 Marianne
REDMG:2003.93.1 Marianne
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