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There are 17 objects for which Provenance contains → thebes
2005.8.3 Thebes
2005.8.4 Thebes
25.6.10 Kabeirion, Thebes
25.6.11 Kabeirion, Thebes.
25.6.12 Kabeirion, Thebes.
25.6.4 Kabeirion, Thebes
25.6.5 Kabeirion, Thebes.
25.6.6 Picked up in the Kabeirion near Thebes
25.6.7 Kabeirion, Thebes.
25.6.8 Kabeirion, Thebes.
25.6.9 Kabeirion, Thebes.
25.9.2 Said to have come from Thebes
26.4.2 Thebes
46.9.2 Said by vendor to have come from between Thebes and Chalcis
67.7.1 Thebes
E.62.24 From early cemetary at Qurneh (Thebes)
E.62.47 Deir-el-Bahri (Thebes)
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