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Accession_Number 26.4.2
Shape Kylix
Shape_description The handles are almost a rectangle shape, and are shaped to angle straight out from the edge of the Kylix, turning up slightly at the end.
Material Terracotta
Fabric Boeotian
Decoration The rim on the outside has a thick black band round it, which stops at the top of the handles. On both sides of the handle, the same images are repeated, showing the figure of a bird in between two palmettes with stems ending in a curling ventril with a pendant pointing down towards the foot. Beneath each handle is an ivy leaf with a curled stem. Below these images, is a thin black band, and then a thick one that also encompasses the top side of the foot. The edge of the foot is grooved and reserved, as is the outer rim of the base of the foot. On the base of the foot, there is a well approx 3.8cm wide and 1.5cm deep. The inside of this well and a rim around the edge is fired black, but is mostly red. The inside of the Kylix shows a thin black band that has been extended from the outside. Then there is a thin reserved band, the rest of the inside entirely glazed, except for a small reserved circle in the centre.
Condition Complete but stuck back together from eight(?) seperate pieces. The glaze both inside and out is very worn, and the rim shows chipping and flaking. The inside of the pot is not completely smooth and there is a grey/white deposit, especially around the inner rim. Both of the handles have a lot of the same grey/white deposit on them, as well as big worn patches on the glaze. There is more deposit on the outside, especially around the foot. The surface outside is also in fairly bad condition, the surface revealing lots of small scratches and chips. The top of the foot has two significant chips in it but other than that it is in good condition, showing only small cracks running through the glaze in the well on the underneath of the foot.
Technique/Style Floral ware
Provenance Thebes
Date 420

Front view of a shallow black gloss Boeotian kylix.

Front view of a shallow black gloss Boeotian kylix.

Top view of black gloss shallow kylix with almost retangular handles on either side

Top view of Beoetian kylix showing base and exterior decorated with palmettes and two birds, one on either side.

Front view of a Boeotian Floral-ware kylix, showing a bird between two palmettes.

Side view of kylix. Decoration shows bird, facing left, flanked by palmettes.

Front view of a Boeotian Floral-ware kylix, showing a bird facing left, between two palmettes.
Bibliography CVA Reading 1, pl. 19.1.
Archive_Ref reference 1
reference 2
Height H. 7.2
Diameters Diam with handles. 26.0; without. 18.1
Handle_height H. 2.2; L. 5.0
Other_dims. Foot diam. 7.9; diam of well. 3.8
Location History - Excavation shed (top shelf)
Edited_by Georgina; Karen
Date_edited 01.08.02; 05.04.2004
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