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There are 3 objects for which Decoration contains → perspective
2009.9.61 A crocodile, either representing the Egyptian god Sobek or from the Ancient Roman perspective, representing Egypt. Cast number: 75
47.7.2 Round, flat body with vertical spout at one end with a flared mouth. Single curved handle stretches from the rim of the mouth to the back of the body. All black apart from two designs. One one side is a panther, with detail picked out in black paint and whose face is in an odd perspective. On the other side is a dog, with black and brown paint used for detail. Reserved line runs asround the body below the animals. The base is red and flat.
E.23.38 The Djed sign, a sign of stability, which was held in one of hands crossed on the breast. This probably represents a lopped cedar or four pillars in perspective.
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