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Accession_Number REDMG:1951.113.3
Shape Skyphos
Shape_description Rounded rim, slightly incurving, below which are attached two nearly triangular horizontal strap handles and ring base, canted slightly up; rounded body broadens slightly and then narrows to an angled ring foot, curved on the resting surface, and offset from the slightly convex underside. Body broader than standard Apulian shape, so that it can't fit easily into the sequence of Gnathian skyphoi.
Material Terracotta
Fabric Apulian: Perhaps Messapian
Fabric_description Possibly local Apulian (not Tarantine): see J.R. Green 1971 (presence or absence or mica hard to determine at a glance).
Munsell_color 7.5YR 5/4
Decoration Black glazed except for reserved areas: lower part of body, reserved (interrupted by a black line); upper part of foot, and underside (resting surface glazed black except for a reserved band). Back decorated with a (white) wavy ivy garland beneath handle; front decorated with two incised lines, egg-and-dot frieze on which eggs are surrounded by incised lines; another pair of incised lines; waves to right, garland from which hang alternating fronds and bunches of grapes, with longer sprays at sides; on a pair of dotted groundlines stands a bird (wren?), profile to left, between two flowers.
Condition Comprised of 10 or more rejoined pieces, missing slight chips from joins; slight yellowish-white deposit on interior of one hande; lower body slightly eroded on right side; underside slightly scratched.
Technique/Style Gnathian; black-glaze; overpainted
Period Early Hellenistic
Date 320
Dating_details J.R. Green suggests this date on the basis of pictures (14.11.2003).

Front view of a Gnathian skyphos.

Front view of a Gnathian skyphos.

Top view of a Gnathian skyphos, showing the black-glazed interior.

Oblique view, from above, of a Gnathian skyphos.

Left side view of a Gnathian skyphos.

Back view of a Gnathian skyphos.

Right side view of a Gnathian skyphos.

Bottom side view of a Gnathian skyphos, showing partially reserved underside.
Bibliography T.B.L. Webster, BICS 15 (1968) 17, no. 23, and pl. 2b.
Height 9.6
Diameters Rim 10.8, base 5.3
Handle_height 0.9
Other_dims. W. incl. handles 17.6
Location Symposium
Edited_by Georgia; Amy; Teifi
Date_edited 04.06.2003; 21.10.2004; 28.07.2006
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