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Accession_Number REDMG:1935.87.33
Shape Bell krater
Shape_description Flared rim. Shape narrows but widens slightly to form the foot of the piece.
Material Terracotta
Fabric Apulian
Fabric_description Clay pale and clear with yellowish tinge.
Munsell_color 7.5YR 7/4
Decoration Rim has terracotta concentric circle around the centre, leading to with a continous olive leaf pattern underneath. A: Satyr in diadem and shoes, carrying flaming torch and situle, follows woman carrying barrel of grapes and ornamented box (cista). Goats skull and rosettes in field. B: two youths with sticks in conversation. Three rosettes can be found on either side of the youth. Palmette design can be found under each handle and a dash pattern circles around every handle. Yellow and white colour can be found added to the pieces especially the picture of the satyr. Underneath each figure is a continous wave pattern which continues around the base of the krater.
Condition Complete and intact. One chip underneath the rim. Areas of colour loss can be found around the rim, handles and the main body of the krater. Part of the foot and has a layer of deposit.
Technique/Style Red figure
Period Late Classical
Date 350-340
Artist Schulman Painter; Schulman Group
Attribution Trendall and Cambitoglou, RFVA 1.381 and 1.382.164, attribute this bell krater to the Schulman Painter

A red figure bell krater featuring two women.

Red figure bell krater.

Red figure bell krater depicting a woman moving away from a man.

Front view of the B side of a red figure bell krater showing two youths.


Bibliography CVA Reading 1, pl. 30.2; RFVA 14/164
Height 28.3
Diameters Rim 27.3; base 13.0; handle 1.2
Handle_height 4.7
Other_dims. Handle: L. 11.3
Location Myth and religion
Edited_by Hannah; Karen
Date_edited 16.08.2002; 20.04.2004
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