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Accession_Number 73.9.7
Shape Cup
Shape_description Fragment
Material Terracotta
Fabric Boeotian
Munsell_color 7.5YR 7/6
Decoration The inside is black with a reserved band around the inside of the rim and again roughly half way down the inside. In the centre is the remains of a brown disk. On the outside, only part of the rim and main zone of skyphos remains, as well as one handle. The handle is mostly black, but reserved on the inside. The main zone shows: parts of three palmettes, one upright, one reversed, then another upright in black. A thick black band runs round the outside of the rim, a thin one underneath the main zone. The stem is black as is the upper ridge of rim of the foot. The lower ridge is reserved, as is the base of the foot, except for a band of red/brown about half a cm in. The inside of the foot is hollow and reserved, except for a very thin red/brown band, and a dot in the centre.
Condition Incomplete, only a small amount of the cup remains, including one handle. Two pieces are glued back together. The glaze on the outside edge of the rim has completley worn away, and there are small scratches all over the surface. Both inside and out, there are traces of a whitish deposit, except on the foot where the deposit is more of a pinky colour.
Technique/Style Black figure
Provenance From Rhitsona, Boeotia (from the bushes)
Date 425-400

Oblique view of the exterior of a fragment of a Boeotian cup, showing a pattern.

Top view of the exterior of a fragment of a Boeotian cup, showing a pattern.

Top view of the interior of a fragment of a Boeotian cup, showing black glaze.

Top view of the exterior of a Boeotian cup, showing the base and handle, and exterior pattern.

Top view of the inside of a Boeotian cup, showing the interior to be black glazed.
Height H. 7.5
Diameters Cup incomplete so no diam.
Handle_height Handle height. 2.8; L. 5.6
Location History - Excavation shed (bottom shelf in box)
Edited_by Georgina
Date_edited 06.08.02
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