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Accession_Number 50.5.2
Shape Bell krater
Shape_description Large bell krater with a downturned rim, two recurved handles on the upper part of the body, lower body sloping to a thick stem and a molded pedestal foot.
Material Terracotta
Fabric Paestan
Munsell_color 7.5YR 7/3
Decoration The interior and rim are black, except for two red bands just inside the rim. The underside of the rim is decorated with a leaf-like band of design. The spaces between the attachment points of the handles are reserved. Palmettes occupy the spaces beneath each handle. On either side the figural scene is bordered right and left with tendrils spouting two quarter palmettes from volutes. Side A: A nude youth, standing profile to the right, with his left leg stepping on a rock, holds a stemmed plate in his upraised right hand (supported by his left hand). He faces a satyr, standing in 3/4-view to the left, who holds a bell in his right hand and a thrysos in his left; a himation is draped over his left shoulder and arm. Side B: Two standing, draped youths with walking sticks face each other. A reserved band, a reserved line, and a band of waves appear below the figural zones. The lower part of the body and base are black. Added white and yellow are used for details on both sides.
Condition Complete, but foot repaired and paint is therefore missing. Some repainting, specifically on reverse. Small chip to rim.
Technique/Style Red figure
Period Late Classical
Date 360-340
Artist Kurashiki Painter; Asteas-Python Workshop
Attribution Trendall, PP 188.425
Right side view of a Paestan red-figure bell krater, showing a palmette beneath a handle.

Front view (side A) of a Paestan red-figure bell krater, showing a nude youth resting his foot on a rock, facing a standing satyr.

Side view of a Paestan red-figure bell krater, showing a palmette beneath a horizontal handle.

Back view (side B) of a Paestan red-figure bell krater, showing two standing, draped youths with walking sticks facing each other.
Bibliography PPSupp no. 99, pl. 6b; PP 2/425, pl. 131.c-d
Height 33.0
Diameters Rim 32.3; body 19.9; base 14.1
Handle_height 6.4
Location Citizenship
Edited_by Denise; Kinsey; Teifi
Date_edited 23.07.2002; 06.01.2006; 21.08.2006
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