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Accession_Number 44.1.1
Shape Aryballos
Shape_description Ring-shaped aryballos. The rim is disk-shaped, the handle is banded and the body is inflated and there is no base.
Material Terracotta
Fabric Corinthian
Munsell_color 10YR 7/3
Decoration Rim: There are black tongues around the aperture and dots on the side surface of the rim. On the back of the handle there is a row of dots, framed by two, vertical lines. The neck and the surface below the handle is left reserved. At the base of the neck there are black, petal-shaped spots. Top surface: The aperture in the centre of the ring is black with additional concentric, black lines between reserved areas and a row of dots. Some of the lines have incised diagonal lines across. The reverse side bears a similar decoration but without the row of dots. Side surface of body: The main design is of an Ibex and Lion facing a central rock, made of horizontal bands. Added red is used for some parts of the ibex's body as well as for the some of the bands of the rock.
Condition Intact (tiny bits have chipped off from the rim). There is large loss of paint on the whole of the vessel (parts of the top surface, as well as the greater part of the lion design is lost, as paint has worn away).
Technique/Style Middle Corinthian
Period High Archaic
Date 600-575

Bottom view of a Corinthian ring aryballos, depicting an ibex and a lion approaching a central rock (?).

Side view of a Corinthian ring aryballos, depicting a lion.

Side view of a Corinthian ring aryballos.
Bibliography CVA 6.3
Height 5.6
Diameters Rim: 2.5
Handle_height 1.8
Other_dims. Diameter of central hole: 0.9
Location Body Beautiful
Edited_by Denise, Georgia; Kinsey; Julia
Date_edited 17 September 2002, 10/06/03; 11.01.2006; 06.05.2016
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