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Accession_Number 27.4.5
Shape Kylix
Shape_description Rim turns sharply out, broad and flat on top. Handles rounded at far end and with upward twist. In centre of bowl a well 1.5 cm deep occupies the space interior of the stem. The foot appears in three stages, the first ridge being the narrowest, and the other two getting bigger in sequence.
Material Terracotta
Fabric Boeotian
Decoration Black band round rim. Handles also have a black gaze, but only on their upper half. Inside the bowl are two seperate thick black bands. On the outside are two more black bands, though roughly half the width of the first, starting just below the handles. The smallest ridge on the foot is glazed as an extention of the band that surrounds it. Heavy fabric.
Condition Intact. The rim, inside of the bowl and handles, all show evidence of wear, and there are considerable patches where all of the glaze has been removed. There are also small chips to be found on the handles, and on the inside of the rim. Where the glaze has been rubbed away, it has revealed a grey colour. There is also a thin crack running from the edge of the rim, to half way down the first black band. The well in the centre of the bowl is also slightly worn, to reveal a whitish grey colour, as well as a small crack running across the side. On the underside of the bowl, there is more evidence of general wear, including a chip just under the rim next to one of the handles. The bottom rim of the foot also reveals small chips, as well as a crack running across the middle.
Technique/Style Black figure
Period Late Classical / Early Hellenistic
Date 350-300

Front view of a Boeotian black figure kylix, showing interior decoration.

View of inside of black figure kylix, showing interior which is painted with alternate bands of red and black, the black quite faded.

View from above of interior of black figure kylix, the interior decorated with concentric alternate bands of black and red.

View of small base and exterior of black figure kylix, decorated with alternate black and red concentric lines.

Reserved interior of black floral ware lid.

Kylix, side view. Handles with upward twist.

Kylex view from below with smaller kylex.

Kylex view from below with smaller kylex.

Kylix, view from below.

Kylix, view from below. Foot-ring in two steps. Two broad bands around outside.

Front view of a Boeotian black figure kylix, showing interior decoration.

Front view of a Boeotian black figure kylix, showing the exterior bands.

Front view of a Boeotian black figure kylix, showing the exterior bands.
Bibliography CVA Reading 1, pl. 17.9 and 20.1; 'Hesperia' XV (1946) pl.13.4.
Archive_Ref reference 1
reference 2
Height H. 6.3
Diameters Diam. 19.8; with handles: 24.0
Handle_height H. 2.0; L. 5.0
Other_dims. Well H. 1.5; W. 2.6
Location 9
Edited_by Georgina; Karen
Date_edited 15.07.02; 05.04.2004
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