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Accession_Number 26.12.24A-B
Shape Lekanis
Shape_description with lid
Material Terracotta
Fabric Boeotian
Munsell_color 5YR 6/6
Decoration Lid: The knob of the handle is flat and circular, the top of which is black, with a small reserved well in the centre. The rim and a band below it is reserved, but the rest of the stem and a thick band surrounding it is black. A reserved zone on the upper surface depicts six palmettes, with an ivy flower after each three. The outer rim of the lid is also black, as is the inside. Lekanis: The resting surface for the lid is black. The two horizontal handles are decorated around the edge with vertical bars. On either side of each handle is a small protrusion, with a black line on each side. The walls, in the handle zone, are decorated with vertical wavy lines. The lower part of the body is black, as is in the interior. The base of the ring foot is reserved.
Condition The flat surface of the knob on the lid has a white deposit on it, which can also be found at the base of the stem, and around one side of the rim. Small cracks in the glaze are evident around the the base of the stem, and small scratches are clear around the surface of the rim. The very edge of the rim has some small chips in it. On the inside of the lid, there is one deep scratch, and a hole, as well as more of the same white deposit. The rim and inside of the main body has got more deposit on it, but this is a brighter white. The gloss also shows signs of wear with scratches and flakes in the surface. Near one handle, there is a chip on the rim. One handle is covered in a yellowish/white deposit. More pale white deposit can be found on the foot and on the black band above it. There are several small scratches and chips in the base of the foot.
Technique/Style Floral ware
Period Late Classical / Early Hellenistic
Date 4th century BC

Oblique view of the top of a lekanis lid decorated with a band of six palmettes.

Top view of lekanis lid decorated with a band of six palmettes.

Interior of lekanis lid with black piant scratched and worn.

Oblique side view of a floral ware lekanis, showing the exterior decoration.

Top view of the interior of a floral ware lekanis.

Bottom view of a floral ware lekanis, showing the base and underside of horizontal handles.

Boeotian Floral ware: a pyxis lid (26.4.5) and a lidded lekanis (26.12.24A-B).

Lidded lekanis, side view (with lid), decorated with wavy lines around body, vertical lines on handles, palmettes on lid.
Bibliography CVA Reading 1, pl. 20.6
Archive_Ref reference 1
reference 2
Diameters Lid 11.6. Lekanis: mouth 10.9, body 10.5, foot 7.1
Other_dims. Lid: H. 4.1. Lekanis: total 5.0, H. knob 9.0 m; W. (incl. handles) 1.8
Location Body Beautiful
Edited_by Georgina; Karen; Julia
Date_edited 08.08.2002; 05.04.2004; 06.05.2016
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