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Accession_Number 25.6.2
Shape Kylix
Shape_description Shallow dish
Material Terracotta
Fabric Boeotian
Munsell_color 7.5YR 6/6
Decoration Black on the inside except for a reserved disk in the centre approx 6.0 cm diam. Small handles moving straight out from side, black underneath but reserved on top. On the main zone; A and B. Man leaning on stick listens to a seated lyre player. Handle palmette behind musician has lotus attached to it on left. Between listener and other handle palmette a tall thin lotus bud. Beneath each handle is a small clover leaf. Beneath the main zone is a black disk leading down the stem to the foot. The rim and base of the foot are reserved except for a black band on the base.
Condition Intact except for the edge of the rim which is missing on one side. The inside show small areas of general wear, as well as a small patch of what looks like yellow varnish near the broken rim. There is also some white deposit in the reserved disk in the centre, and on one of the handles. The black glaze on the handles has been rubbed away in patches, as has the decoration on the main zone. There is more white deposit on the main zone, some of which runs in circles, showing the gradient of the material. There are cracks on the glaze around the top of the foot, below which are some denser patches of white deposit. This deposit is also evident on the base of the foot and inside it.
Technique/Style Black figure
Date 450-400

Front view of a Boeotian skyphos, showing interior with reserved disc in center.

Underside view of a Boeotian skyphos, showing part of the floral design on the body and the base.

Two-handled kylix. Shows man leaning on stick (left) listening to seated man playing lyre (right).

Oblique view, slightly from below, of a Boeotian Floral-ware kylix, showing a standing man facing a seated lyre player, between two palmettes.

Kylix, view from above. Inside black with reserved disk in center.

Bottom view of a Boeotian skyphos, depicting (on each side) a standing man listening to a seated woman playing the kithara.

Oblique bottom view of a Boeotian skyphos, showing two scenes of musician and listener, among palmettes.
Bibliography CVA Reading 1, pl. 17.12, 19.4; Hesperia' XV (1946) pl.IV.2
Archive_Ref reference 1
reference 2
Height H. 4.1
Diameters Diam. 14.1
Handle_height Handle height. 1.8; L. 3.7
Other_dims. Diam of foot. 4.8
Location Excavation shed top 3
Edited_by Georgina; Karen; Jayne
Date_edited 06.08.02; 05.04.2004; 03.08.2022
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