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Accession_Number 22.3.26
Shape Plate
Shape_description The rim is flat and ring-shaped, the body is conical, the stem is very short and cylindrical and the foot is ring-shaped with a concave area underneath.
Material Terracotta
Fabric Apulian
Munsell_color 5YR 6/6
Decoration The edge of the rim bears short, thick black lines. The interior of the plate is decorated with two rows of white lotus leaves (heraldic), separated by a reserved, thin line. Next, there is, a black, thick line, followed by a wave pattern around a reserved line that contours the central scene of a female head,in profile, facing left with a head dress (kalyptra) showing white details and her hair in a bun. Above her head, there are two ivy leaves and behind her is a tendril and small, fan-shaped palmette. In front of her there is a circular motif divided in four parts. The exterior is black apart from the edge of the rim , which is reserved and the lowest part of the body snd short stem. The foot (interior and exterior) is also black, with the exception of the reserved resting surface. The concave area is reserved, but bears a large, black round motif on the centre.
Condition Part of rim (about 1/4) is missing. Several very small chips and scratched areas can be found on the top surface of the plate, as well as one larger part that is gouged out. Also very small chips are visible on the underside of the plate and a patch near the missing rim is unevenly fired (red instead of black).
Technique/Style Red figure
Provenance Perhaps from Ruvo
Period Early Hellenistic
Date 325-300
Artist Painter of Zurich 2660
Attribution Trendall and Cambitoglou, RFVA 2.680.297.

The inside of an apulian plate on the left (22.3.26) and a steamless kylis on the right (22.3.24)

Plate, outside.

Plate, inside. Shows large female head wearing a cap, facing left, with leaves and tendrils in the field.

Side view of an Apulian red-figure plate.

Side view of an Apulian red-figure plate, showing the broken side.

Top view of an Apulian red-figure plate, showing a woman's head, profile to the left.

Bottom view of an Apulian red-figure plate, showing the underside.

Bottom view of an Apulian red-figure plate, showing the underside.

Top view of an Apulian red-figure plate, showing a women's head.

Side view of an Apulian red-figure plate.
Bibliography CVA Reading 1, pl. 32.11; RFVA 22/397
Archive_Ref reference 1
Height 3.9
Diameters Rim 15.7; base 5.7
Handle_height 10YR 6/4
Location Symposium
Edited_by Denise; Georgia; Karen; Kinsey
Date_edited 11.09.2002; 26.06.2003; 21.04.2004; 10.01.2006
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