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There are 4 objects for which Decoration contains → ovoid
2008.7.27 Exterior: possible blotchy painting remains and unidentified curving design stamped or inscribed. Interior: slightly raised ovoid decoration.
47.2.26 Distinctive ovoid headdress more characteristic of the dea gravida (pregnant goddess). No paint remains, incision for fingers.
E.2003.9.1 The jar has a small but quite pronounced neck leading to an ovoid body that descends to the pointed base. One part of the body is flattened.
REDMG:1953.25.77 Ovoid or tongue mouldings on the shoulder, not no the areas covered by the nozzle volutes or the area of the handle. Discus is surrounded by four concentric moulded rings, the filling hole is surrounded by three concentric moulded rings. The nozzles have on their outer edges large volutes, these terminate at the body with horse heads instead of the usual ? the termination by the tip is in the usual form. Within the base are three concentric moulded rings with a small nodule at the centre. Red glaze all over
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