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There are 9 objects for which Decoration contains → cat
2007.10.2.222 Bust of male in profile facing the right wearing a helmet. Helmet decorated with an animal, possibly a big cat (lion etc).
2007.10.2.275 A male figure riding a wild cat
2007.10.2.292 Two figures riding on a wild cat of some sort. One is a female and is riding side-saddle with her back to us, the other is male, sat behind her.
2007.10.2.333 Three figures, two semi-naked and lying down, one playing a flute. With some sort of wild cat beside the bed.
2007.10.2.349 Eros pulling the tail of a big cat.
2007.9.1.81 Displays an abstract winged creature, possibly a horse or a cat.
2009.10.2.124 Diana of Ephesus pictured holding animals on each arm, including a cat, a boar and horses are behind her. Number 56.
2009.9.59 A creature with an animal head, maybe a cat, and a male human body, kneeling down, holding a vessel in its left hand. Cast number: 73
2009.9.62 A creature that looks like mixture of bull or goat and a cat. Cast number: 76
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