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There are 10 objects for which Decoration contains → 52
2009.10.2.120 Figure of Diana of Ephesus. Appears to be twirling cloth. Number 52
2009.10.2.262 Nude male wearing a cloak and holding a spear in his right hand, accompanied by a dog and flying winged child holding an object Number 52
2009.10.2.396 Nude male figure wearing a cloak leading a large bull behind him. Number 52
2009.10.2.52 Jupiter Serapis sitting on throne holding sceptre in left hand and round object in right. Eagle standing on his right hand side. Number 52
2009.8.108 Two coats of arm. Inscription on top and on the bottom. Cast number: 52
2009.8.198 Profile of Athena wearing a helmet and the aegis with the head of the gorgo Medusa. Cast number: 52
2009.8.261 Profile of a man with wavy hair in a lavish style and a beard, wearing a wreath, looking right. Rather chubby face. Probably Nero. Cast number: 52
2009.9.119 Two naked winged children with cloaks around their shoulders. The one on the left side is laying one arm around the other. The one on the right side is holding a scepter. Cast number: 52
2009.9.217 A bird sitting in the crown of a tree looking towards the sun. Cast number: 52
2009.9.38 Monkey like figure with a long penis between its legs, holding up both arms with fingers that look like feathers. A bird maybe even a hawk sitting on its head. There are stars above each hand and a twig above the head. Cast number: 52
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