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There are 12 objects for which Decoration contains → 31
2009.10.2.159 Clothed man wearing a hat standing next to a post (possibly a tree). Number 31
2009.10.2.241 Nude Aphrodite standing with drapery over her arms, holding an arrow and accompanied by winged Eros. Number 31
2009.10.2.31 Front view of a gem cast showing the pantheistic head has the ram's horns of Jupiter Ammon, the modius headdress of Serapis, and the rays of Sol Invictus. In background very faint merperson or fish holding trident with tail and two letters L and Z. Number 31
2009.10.2.375 Sitting sphinx with a head/skull in her left paw. Number 31
2009.10.2.99 Snake wrapped around a table. Gem cast number - 31
2009.8.177 A naked man with a beard and a trident in his hand, putting one foot on a rock. Probably Poseidon. Cast number: 31
2009.8.240 Profile of a man with short hair and a prominent chin. Cast number: 31
2009.8.87 A muscular man sitting in the middle on a fur. On his right side a naked woman, on the left a child. Cast number: 31
2009.9.17 Osiris. Cast number: 31
2009.9.196 A man sitting on a stool making a statuette of the goddess Nike. Cast number: 31
2009.9.292 A naked young woman wearing a cloak around her shoulders and a ribbon in her hair holding a vessel. Cast number: 31
2009.9.98 A naked winged child poking a bird sitting in a tree with a stick or spear. Cast number: 31
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