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There are 12 objects for which Decoration contains → 19
2009.10.2.229 Semi-nude female figure seated on a chair with drapery over her lap, holding an object in her right hand. Number 19
2009.10.2.363 Male figure Bellerophon (?)riding Pegasus, holding a spear number 19
2009.10.2.87 Standing figure of a naked man with a bow and arrow, looking to his right. Number - 19
2009.8.165 A woman wearing a dress with a bare chest. On her right side a bird, maybe a crane. Cast number: 19
2009.8.228 Profile of a woman with wavy hair, looking left. The top of her dress can be seen. Inscriptions on the left side. Could be referring either to Julia, the sister of Julius Caesar or Julia, the daughter of Augustus. Cast number: 19
2009.8.43 Apollo Belvedere. A young man with wavy hair, nacked except for the chlamys around his neck. Inscription on the bottom. Cast number: 19
2009.8.75 Cupid. A naked child with wings leaning on a pole. Cast number: 19
2009.9.184 Portrait of Medusa. Cast number: 19
2009.9.281 A bearded man in full armour holding a spear, putting one hand on a ball or globe carried by a man or child sitting next to his feet. A winged creature is standing on the bearded man's hand, maybe Nike. Cast number: 19
2009.9.5 A woman sitting on a chair, looking right. A feather on her head, probably Ma'at. Cast number: 19
2009.9.86 A boy strangling a goose or a duck. So called: "Boy with a goose". Cast number: 19
35.5.15-19 Inside, 20b, meander border broken by cross, small piece of drapery. Outside, 19, two males in himatia facing, standing by a cushioned stool; hanging on the wall a shield and sheathed sword; 20a, tendril and corner of drapery; 21, tendril and part of himation; 22 and 23, bits of himation. No relief contour; brown for border of himation on 12 and 22, markings on seat of stool, cushion, and sword sheath.
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