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Accession_Number L.2016.3.31
adlib_title Ceramic camel figure
Shape Camel figure
Shape_description Ceramic figure of a camel, with raised head and straight posture. He is slightly craning his straightened head upwards, so that his broad neck is a little bent backwards. His eyes appear to be triangular but the iris is round. The mouth is slightly open. The saddle is just schematically depicted with a broad band surrounding the humps, both slightly tapering; the back hump is bent to the left, the front hump to the right. The tail leads down closed to his left leg. His legs are long and thin. There is a hole at the bottom of his rounded belly.
Material Terracotta
Fabric Chinese
Fabric_description Reddish-brown, base is slightly lighter.
Munsell_color 2.5YR 6/4
Decoration Few traces of different coloured paints. Few, small black or dark brown flecks allover the surface, a little more at the saddle, belly and mane. There are very few traces of green glaze at the top of the nose and front part of belly and saddle (and white as well as red-brownish flecks at the rare part) on the right.
Condition Complete. The head has been broken at neck, the right leg at thigh and the feet have been broken off the base slab, but all of them were pieced together. Few whitish-grey deposits around the feet and neck, and very slight scratches on surface; one big chip on left cheek.
Technique/Style Mould made, glazed
Period Sui/T'ang Dynasty
Date ca. 600 AD
Bibliography W. Watson, Arts of China to AD 900, Yale University Press, New Haven/London 2000, 25-26.
Height Total 28.3 (Base 0.9, legs 14.7, belly and humps 11.5, neck 10.3, head 4.8)
Diameters L. 23.3 (head 7.6, base 12.8), W. 8.2 (at belly, base 7.7, head and neck ca. 3.1)
Other_dims. Legs 1.7-4.1 (lower leg to thigh); hole 3.4
Location 9.2.4
Edited_by Julia; Jayne
Date_edited 08.06.2016; 11.04.2018
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